Wedding Timeline Recommendations

Below is our recommended wedding photography times. These times will allow us to document your wedding day in a storytelling manner and create the style of images that you see on our website.


Cherokee Country Club Photos.JPG

Ideal Time: 30-45 Minutes
Location: Groom Suite, Hotel room, close proximity to the Brides location.
Recommendations: We recommend starting with Groom prep first and knocking it out of the way first.The guys usually get ready pretty quickly, and once we grab some photos, they can take off their suit jacket, tie and relax. We also recommend having the Grooms immediate family at the same location to help prepare the Groom (Think of Dad helping the Groom with his tie).

Getting ready first and early can be a point of tension for some Grooms, but remember this is the most important day of their lives, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Wedding Photoraphers in Knoxville.JPG

Ideal Time: 30 Minutes
Location: Bridal Suite, Hotel Room
Recommendations: We recommend having all of the wedding bands at the bridal suite, this way we don’t have to wait for someone to fetch the grooms wedding band.


Cherokee Country Club Wedding Photos.JPG

Ideal Time: 1 Hour – 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Location: Bridal Suit, Hotel Room
Recommendations: For large parties on the brides side, we recommend larger rooms, such as large hotel suite. The reality is that smaller areas tend to get cluttered very quickly and makes our job more difficult. Having a dedicated area for solely the bride to put on her dress can make a world of difference. Imagine a photograph of mother and grandmother helping bride into her wedding dress.


Creative Wedding Photographers in Knoxville.JPG

Ideal Time: 15 Minutes
Location: TBD
Recommendations: We highly recommend a First Look as it will allow for a smoother wedding day and more time for you to enjoy your wedding guests.


Fun Knoxville Wedding Photographer.JPG

Ideal Time: 45-60 Minutes
Location: TBD
Recommendations: We recommend 45-60 Minutes to allow for a variety of groupings with the bridal party.


Heartland Meadows Wedding Photo.JPG

Ideal Time: Determined by culture and preferences.
Location: TBD
Recommendations: Most wedding ceremonies average between 30 minutes and 1 hour.


Cheorokee Country Club Wedding Photographer.JPG

Ideal Time: 30-60 Minutes
Location: TBD
Recommendations: We recommend 30-60 Minutes of creatives. These are the images that are all about you both. They are highly artistic and do take time to create, but it is TOTALLY worth it.


Wedding Photos at Capitol Theatre.JPG

Ideal Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Recommendations: Enjoy the party!


Lily Barn Wedding Photos.JPG

Ideal Time: 10-15 Minutes
Location: TBD
Recommendations: Your night time portraits are super important as they function as the “closing” of your wedding album. We recommend setting aside 10-15 Minutes during your reception to sneak out for a nice romantic photo of you both.


What about family photos?
We recommend that the bride and grooms immediate family be in attendance during preparation. This creates for more meaningful moments and allows family photos to be taken as soon as preparation is complete. Photographs of both sides of the family can be taken after the first look is complete. The alternative is for all immediately family photos to be taken directly following the wedding ceremony.