Wedding Photo at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens
Roxy & Jon

Wedding Photo at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens

The Knoxville Botanical Gardens is an amazing picturesque location that provides wedding photographers with numerous opportunities. Brittany and Matt's Wedding enhanced the beauty of this location with absolutely beautiful people.

The vast property of this wedding venue allows plenty of choices when it comes to planning your wedding ceremony and reception. Read on for an overview of locations for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Greenhouse Wedding Ceremony

TheGreenhouse is the ideal location for your ceremony as it provides plenty of natural and soft light. It is wide enough to accommodate more than 75 guests. The Greenhouse features two entry which can be used for the processional. A pebble trail is easily accessible by road, so that guest can be delivered nearby and only have to take a short walk to reach the ceremony location. We do recommend planning for slightly cooler months as there is little to no airflow inside and can get uncomfortable during hot summer months

Stone Terraces Wedding Reception

The reception is best planned to take place at the stone terraces, under a large magnolia tulip poplar. A variety of landings allow guest seating. The main landing is ideal for the first dances and formalities. Sunset provides plenty of golden light for evening receptions.

Location: 2743 Wimpole Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914.

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