The Wedding Experience

Below is our guide to the Roxy & Jon Wedding Experience. It will help you see what to expect during the process of working with us.


01 Design Consultation

The first step after reaching out to us is setting up your Design Consultation. During this meeting, we will learn all about your wedding day, your photography needs and guide you through choosing the perfect wedding collection.

Time: 1 hour
Location: Roxy & Jon’s Studio or Skype

02 Schedule + Engagement Session

By now you are officially booked in! The next step is scheduling your Engagement Session which can be done via an online link. We prefer Engagement Sessions to take place a minimum of 6 months from your wedding date, this allows time for clothes shopping, planning, and ordering of any artwork. Your Engagement Session not only allows us to create unique imagery that complements your wedding day but to also build a working relationship with you. We offer 3 types of Engagement Sessions, read about them by clicking here.

Time: 1-6+ hours
Location: TBD

03 Engagement Premiere

Now that your Engagement Session is complete, its time to preserve those moments in a way that can be enjoyed every single day, through artwork. During your Engagement Premiere, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful slideshow on the big screen, next we will sort through your images with you and recommend artwork for your home and family. You only order the artwork you truly love and there are no minimum orders.

Time: 1 hour
Location: Roxy & Jon’s Studio or Skype

04 Your Big Day

Your big day is here! Relax and be in the moment. We will document your entire story.

Time: N/A
Location: TBD

05 Wedding Premiere Viewing, Online Gallery & Album

Wedding Premiere
Your Wedding Premiere is similar to your Engagement Premiere, just a little more involved. You will be able to enjoy an extended slideshow on the big screen, next we will present you with an artist recommendation for your WeddingBook layout design, this is our artistic interpretation of your wedding day. We will work with you to make minor revisions such as swapping images and removing spreads. You will also be able to enjoy significant savings on artwork orders such as ParentBooks, Wall Art, Gift Prints and Additional Spreads for your WeddingBook.

Online Gallery
Your Online Gallery will be delivered at the completion of your Premiere Viewing. You will be able to download high resolution or social media optimized images depending on your collection.

Album Completion & Delivery
Once all revisions are complete, we will begin master retouching on your WeddingBook. Once approved with a signature, we will submit it for production. Delivery times are usually 6-8 weeks.

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