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Knoxville Wedding Photographers

We are Knoxville Wedding Photographers that are passionate about documenting your wedding day in a storytelling manner and preserving your wedding legacy through printed heirlooms. With us being Wedding Photographers in Knoxville. we have had the opportunity to photograph at beautiful local wedding venues in East Tennessee such as Cherokee Country Club, Gettysvue Country Club, The Capitol Theatre, The Press Room, Dancing Bear Lodge, Knoxville Botanical Gardens. Crescent Bend and more. We understand that . shopping for your wedding photographer in Knoxville can be difficult, we have put together some tips below that should inform you an help you on your journey of choosing a wedding photographer, of course if you like our work already and know you want to book your wedding date, just Contact us.

What to look for when choosing your Knoxville Wedding Photographer

When you are looking for a Knoxville wedding photographer, we recommend taking several things into consideration. Portfolio, personality, product and pricing. These 4 items should rank high on your list when choosing a wedding photographer.

  1. The Wedding Photographers Portfolio: The wedding portfolio should be vast and show a variety of locations, lighting and emotion. You should look closely to see that the wedding photographer can handle dark reception venues and bright outdoor sunlight. If you are looking for a quick way to determine a good photograph from bad, ask yourself if you can see some detail in the brightest and darkest parts of an image, this is also dependent on the photographers style. While viewing the portfolio you should see a variety of weddings displayed from indoor to outdoor, different weather and seasons. Can your photographer work in the rain and create stunning images? What about the snow? Keep these in mind while searching for your wedding storyteller. If you are interested in viewing our Knoxville Wedding Photographers Portfolio Click Here.

  2. The personality of the wedding photographer: Your wedding photographer will spend the whole wedding day with you, in addition to meeting you before and after the wedding day, so its important to make sure that you get along personality wise with your wedding photographer as they will spend more time with you than any other wedding vendor. Wedding photography is a people business so you should be looking for someone that can work well with other people, while functioning under stress and time crunches. When shopping for a wedding photographer take into consideration if they are friendly, do they make you laugh? Are they comforting? Are they calm? These are just a few things to look for. To learn more about us and get to know us, Visit our about page to learn more..

  3. The end product: In this digital age, it's easy to think that the end product of your wedding photography is an online gallery or USB, but in reality these are not complete services. The true result of your wedding day should be a printed heirloom wedding album that tells the story of your day. If the wedding photographer that you are considering does not include an album in their wedding collections or offer them, we recommend looking else where.

  4. Pricing of wedding photography: When your are looking for a wedding photographers pricing, the most important consideration is that price usually reflects the quality and service that you will be receiving. An example is all of our Wedding Collections include Full Day Coverage, so are start slightly higher than most Knoxville Wedding Photographers as we will be at your wedding longer. If you are interested in reading about About Knoxville Full Day Wedding Coverage Click Here. Wedding pricing can be all over the board. Some wedding photographers work a regular job during the weekdays and photograph weddings on the weekend, while some are full time and can commit more of their time to providing you with a better wedding experience.

If you enjoyed this bit of wedding education, we have also created in informational wedding article on 5 Things to ask your Knoxville Wedding Photographer.

How far ahead should you book your wedding photographer?

Most bridal blogs and wedding industry experts recommend booking your wedding photographer a year or more in advance. Our data combined from several years of Knoxville weddings shows that most of our brides book an average of 285.09 days out from their wedding. We recommend going with the industry given advice of about a year out, this will benefit you in several ways.

  1. Allow plenty of time to pay off vendors.
  2. Give your more time to plan your budget without the stress of a time crunch.
  3. Won't have to worry about your favorite vendor booking your wedding date.

Why book a wedding photographer?

We are the modern day documentarians and storytellers. When it comes to your wedding day, this a major life event, part of your legacy and story. Out of the 7.5+ billion people on this planet, you and your partner happened to find each other, connect with each other and commit to a life with each other. A wedding photographers job is to tell the story of your love stories beginning. Without this story being documented visually, there is no other way to relive these moments. Our memories are not perfect and fade as time goes on. However, the power of the photograph is that it allows us to remember and relive the moments that matter most to us.

What matters most to you?

Knoxville Engagement Photos

To compliment the wedding day, we offer complimentary Engagement Sessions to all of our brides and grooms to be. The Engagement Session allows us to build a working relationship before the wedding, so that on your wedding day we will understand what you like and what you don't like. We have photographed a variety of Engagement Sessions in locations such as The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Downtown Knoxville, iJams Nature Center and more.

Wedding Album

Your wedding album is truly your first family heirloom. In this digital age, we believe in the importance of a tangible printed wedding album more than ever. Your wedding memories deserve more than to be lost in the social media feed. They should be proudly displayed for you to enjoy day after day, year after year. All of our wedding collections include an album handcrafted in Italy.

Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Photography

We don't believe in adhering to the current trends of wedding photography. Our style of Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Photography focuses on the romance of your wedding day with a fashion forward storytelling approach. Yes we will pose you, but in a way that looks natural. Yes we will use lighting, but in a way that flatters you. Yes we will steal you away for a few minutes during your wedding reception, but only so you can enjoy jaw dropping images of you both for a lifetime. By understanding the timeless lighting techniques from the painters that came before us, we are able to see light differently and bring out the emotion and beauty of a wedding day photograph.