Wedding Photographer in Maryville, TN

Wedding Photographer in Maryville, TN

We started our wedding photography career by photographing weddings in our hometown of Maryville, TN. Maryville is located at the foothills of the the Great Smoky Mountains and about 15 minutes from Knoxville, so not to far of a drive from the 3rd largest city of Tennessee. Even though Maryville has a "small town" feel to it, there are over 27,000 residents residing here.

5 Interesting facts about Maryville, TN

  1. US Senator Lamar Alexander was born in Maryville, TN in 1940.
  2. Denso hires the most employees among all business located in Maryville, TN.
  3. In 2015, a train carrying hazardous materials went off its tracks, causing quite a panic and displaced more than 5,000 of its 27,000 residents.
  4. Maryville is home to the Ruby Tuesday Headquarters.
  5. Maryville College is the 12th oldest college in the south.

Notable Locations in Maryville, TN

  • Bicentennial Greenbelt Park
  • Foothills Mall
  • Sandy Springs Park
  • Pearson Springs Park
  • Foothills Drive in Theatre
  • Maryville College

Road to the Great Smoky Mountains

Looking to travel to The Great Smoky Mountains? Just hop on U.S. route 321 which heads directly to towards The Great Smoky Mountains.

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