Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Knoxville Wedding Photographer

We take great pride in being a Knoxville Wedding Photographer as it allows us to provide our couples with beautiful memories from their wedding day. During our journey on being a wedding professional we have come to learn many things about the technical side of photography, the business side of photography and the people side of photography.

Here are some of the interesting things we have found by being a Knoxville Wedding Photographer.

Equipment matters, to an extent.

Having the proper equipment is an expensive investment, but it truly can make a break wedding day photos. Technology has advanced so far since the film days and cameras literally have the capability to track the eye of bride as she walks down the aisle while taking 20 frames A SECOND! But with that being said, if one doesn't have the technical skill to capture a photo, the equipment does not matter.

People Matter Most

As wedding photographers, we all love to talk shop about the newest gear, gadgets, lighting and software. But at the end of the day, the experience provided to the couple is what matters most. Making the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera, guiding and advising the couple when it comes to stylized photos. These are super important if you want to provide a good experience.

Have Great Systems

In order to provide a great experience for the couple, you have to have a great system or workflow in place. It is important to add a human touch of course, so we don't recommend going fully automated unless you want the couple to think they are talking to a robot.

Be Personable

In this age of hiding behind computer screens, everyone truly values a real and authentic relationship and connection. We always meet with our wedding couples either in person or by video call, this allows us to begin with a personable foundation that can grow. By the time the wedding day comes around, we are all comfortable with each other.

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