Knoxville Candid Wedding Photographer

Knoxville Candid Wedding Photographer

Candid wedding photography is all about capturing natural and organic wedding moments as opposed to stylized and guided moments. Candid wedding photography is also known as wedding photojournalism or wedding documentary in some parts of the world such as England. In order to capture moments that are candid in nature, a variety of techniques are employed, such as remaining discreet, utilizing longer camera lenses and careful consideration of when to press the shutter button.

Choosing a candid wedding photographer

When you are looking to choose a candid wedding photographer, there several things you should look for. The first being a portfolio showcasing candid wedding photography itself. You should be looking for photos that are unposed and natural in nature.

Raw & Organic

Candid wedding photos to us are raw and organic and are captured as is with no direction involved. It is up to us as wedding photographers to find the best angle.

No Direction

With candid wedding photos, no direction is involved. Moments happen naturally and are not staged. These wedding photos are meant to compliment the storyline and to be additive.


Timing is critical to capturing candid moments. Focusing on what is unfolding in front and anticipating moments is the only way to capture a candid moment.

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