Creative Groomsmen Photos

Creative Groomsmen Photos

After groom prep, we always try to create a unique image of all of the groomsmen together. For this image, we knew in advance that the groomsmen enjoyed cigars. During the reception at night, we had the groomsmen come outside and light up the cigars. We used an off camera flash with a creative gel to give them some pop.

Want to know how to get creative groomsmen photos?

Now I am sure most grooms would want an awesome photo of themselves and their crew, so how can we go about making that happen? Below are some tips on how achieve your own epic groomsmen shot on your wedding day.

Plan It

The best way to get creative groomsmen photos is to plan for it. Include a time slot for these photos in your wedding timeline. We always encourage our couples to include what is important in their wedding timeline. The best time to capture these creative photos are directly after the groom and groomsmen are finished getting ready. Most grooms and groomsmen get ready pretty quick, so there shouldn't be a problem putting this in the timeline.

Discuss It

Discuss it with your wedding photographer beforehand. This is critical so that your wedding photographer can prepare in advance and have any needed lighting gear ready at hand. The more epic and creative photo you are looking for, the more time it will take. So discuss accordingly.

Pick A Great Location & Time

We recommend picking a great location with many opportunities. Good locations can be considered non cluttered spaces, locations without distracting elements, locations with good light and more.

Timing is also important as great photographs are determined by the lighting. Directly before sunset is ideal.

Bring Props

Fun props such as cigars and items that fit the groomsmen personalities work great and add style to the photograph.We do recommend keeping it somewhat timeless as certain props can date the images when you look back through them years from now.

Aim For Dramatic

Guys like something that is creative, epic and dramatic. The best way to take these images is to use off camera flash, so make sure the wedding photographers portfolio you are viewing contains some images with flash.

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