Bridal details at Gettysvue Country Club

Bridal details at Gettysvue Country Club

Photographing bridal details during a wedding day is when we enjoy creating something different. With most of our Knoxville weddings, we start the day off with the details such as wedding bands, jewelry dress and shoes and more. For epic ring shots, we utilize a lens called a macro lens, this allows us to zoom in very close to objects, making them appear life size. For Crystal and Marlon's wedding at Gettysvue Country Club, we decided on a purple theme for the bridal details, as their wedding theme accent color was purple.

We compiled some information on how to get amazing wedding band photos at Gettysvue Country Club.

5 Tips on awesome wedding band photos at Gettysvue Country Club

  1. Pick a location that will compliment the wedding bands. It doesn't make sense to take the rings and place them in the grass as it gives no context to the wedding location. Instead, we recommend finding a location that plays a significant role in the wedding day such as the getting read room.
  2. Focus on color schemes. If the bride and groom have chosen particular colors for their wedding day, do your best to incorporate these into your wedding band photos.
  3. Prepare in advance. Have all of the wedding bands in the same location in advance, we prefer having them at the brides getting ready location.
  4. Get close. We always use a macro lens to focus close and bring objects to life size.
  5. Use light. Get creative with your lighting to add specular highlights and create shadows where intended.

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