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Knoxville Headshot Photography

We have experience providing commercial headshots to a variety of companies and small business including jewelers, churches, real estate agents, interior designers and more.

Headshot options

If you are looking for uniqueness when it comes to your headshots, we are able to offer several options for you listed below.

Studio headshots

If you are a solo entrepreneur or working with a team smaller than 6 members, we prefer to have you at our studio, as it is ideal for accommodating this number perfectly.. If you have a larger team needing to be photographed, it is actually ideal for us to come to your location and set up a portable studio.

Outdoor headshots

Outdoor headshots are ideal if you are looking for a more modern and less corporate look to your images. Outdoor headshots can take place at your location of business. One drawback to outdoor headshots is that you will be dependent on the weather, so keep this in mind.

On location headshots

If you are needing a team large than 6 members photographed, your place of business is ideal. Members and employees can be more efficiently cycled through and photographed at your location. We will coordinate the scheduling so that you save both time and money.

Headshot styles

When it comes to the actual creating of your headshots, we can offer you several styles depending on your businesses needs.


Our standard headshot is the basic head and shoulders headshot in front of a colored backdrop.


Our environmental headshot is a great alternative to the standard headshot. This headshot style is taken outdoors and involves greenery or a specific environment of your choice.

Corporate standard

Our your company has corporate standard to ensure headshot cohesiveness such as color, clothing, lighting style and framing, please let us know the specifications required.