Roxy & Jon Photography

Creative Groomsmen Photos

After groom prep, we always try to create a unique image of all of the groomsmen together. For this image, we knew in advance that the groomsmen enjoyed cigars. During the reception at night, we had the groomsmen come outside and light up the cigars. We used an off camera flash with a creative gel to give them some pop.

Now I am sure most grooms would want an awesome photo of themselves and their crew, so how can we go about making that happen? Below are some tips on how achieve your own epic groomsmen shot on your wedding day.

Tips for getting an epic groomsmen photo on your wedding day

  1. Include it in your wedding timeline, we always encourage our couples to include what is important in their wedding timeline.
  2. Discuss it with your wedding photographer beforehand. This is critical so that your wedding photographer can prepare in advance and have any needed lighting gear ready at hand.
  3. Pick a great location. Your photographer can help you out with this.
  4. Bring any fun props such as cigars or items that fit the groomsmen personality.
  5. Aim for dramatic. Guys like something epic and dramatic, the best time to take these images are in the evening when the sun has set.