A Capitol Theatre Wedding

Venue: Capitol Theatre
Photography: Roxy & Jon Photography
Hair & Makeup: Bangs and Blush
Florist: Aimee Harp
Cake: Art of Cakes
Catering: Sullivans Fine Food

Check out Karen & Jon’s AMAZING wedding photos and love story. With this Capitol Theatre Wedding, the photos will sure dance your heart away. Read their story below or scroll down for the wedding photos.

How did your love story begin? When did you know you were right for each other?
Jon and I first met at Let’s Dance Ballroom Studio in Maryville at the beginning of February 2016. It was during a Friday night dance party. We danced a few times and he seemed nice. We initially bonded over our love of cats!

I was bonding with his kitties, Groot and Bereet, and hoping that they liked me. He said “Of course they do! They love you! We all do.” I thought it was so sweet especially since our kitties are so important to us. Jon says there wasn’t a specific individual moment, but he is sure we were dancing! Our first date was at Cafe 4 in Market Square for Jon’s birthday dinner, we knew we were onto something when we never ran out of thing to talk about.

When did Jon put a ring on it?
We went to go see Singin’ in the Rain at the Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA. Singin’ in the Rain is his favorite movie ever! He proposed to me during the song “You Were Meant for Me.” It was very sweet and thoughtful and meant a lot to me.

In addition to dancing, tell us more!
We love ballroom dancing of course! We’re also sci-fi nerds. I’ve introduced him to cooking, camping/hiking, and historical drama (Jane Austen movies and the Downton Abbey and Outlander series), while he’s introduced me to tennis, football (I still don’t understand the rules admittedly), Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Buffy the Vampire series. We also enjoy traveling, especially to his favorite city, Charleston, SC. But no matter what we do, we enjoy spending time together: We say “It’s always a good time!” from the same-named song by Owl City.

If you were stranded on an island together, far away from a dance studio, what would you bring?
On first thought, I would want our kitties with us (we have four between us). But then again, I don’t think they would like it much and I wouldn’t want them to be uncomfortable, so maybe not. More practically, I would bring massive amounts of sunscreen since I burn like crazy, and a water purification system. Plus a knife to cut down coconuts and build a hut. If Jon had a choice, it would be the kitties, pictures, a boat and survival supplies, he is very practical but would also like to have music, to dance to of course.

Jon: Kitties! (and related cat care stuff for we would want them to be safe and sound), pictures, a boat and survival supplies (knife, lighter) – what can I say I have a practical side, UK blanket to cuddle and for warmth, music to dance to.

So we know you love dancing and traveling, what are some other memorable experiences you both have had?
We’ve been to a Jane Austen festival, a tennis tournament, a Medieval Faire, a Scottish festival, and the Knoxville comic-con. We’ve been whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River and camping in the Smokies. We’ve also gotten our nerd fix by seeing a bunch of sci-fi/superhero movies, like  Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman, Avengers, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. It’s fun to explore different aspects of our personalities together! Next must-see movie: How to Train Your Dragon 3!

About a Capitol Theatre Wedding

The Capitol Theatre is a classic and elegant wedding venue located in downtown Maryville, TN. It was opened in 1934 and has since been renovated to enjoy a Hollywood aesthetic. The Venue itself features a variety of amenities that can enhance your wedding experience. When it comes to wedding photography, Capitol Theatre Weddings are very photogenic and glamorous, all thanks to the venue.

Planning a Capitol Theatre Wedding

When planning your Capitol Theatre Wedding, we recommend checking out the Maryville wedding venue in person if at all possible. There is convenient parking directly in front of the Capitol Theatre as well as a parking lot directly across. Scheduling a venue walkthrough should give you an idea of all it has to offer. Capitol Theatre Wedding photos can give you a sense of the lighting and unique locations you might not know about, so make sure to look at a wedding photographer that has worked at the Capitol Theatre before,