Berry Hill Mansion Wedding Photographer

Berry Hill Mansion Wedding Photographer

We have always been interested in traveling out of state to photograph a destination wedding. and by luck it surely happened. While browsing online, we came across a bride and groom having their wedding at Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort, KY. The wedding venue is absolutely gorgeous and makes a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The lawn provides plenty of space for guests and outdoor wedding plans. During Alyssa & Dustin's wedding, the inclusion of horses made it perfect for a dream Kentucky wedding. With the Bride and Groom alone, we were able to take some sentimental photos for them both on their wedding day.

About Berry Hill Mansion

Berry Hill Mansion, which is a historical estate property constructed in 1900 and was once owned by George Franklin Berry, a financially wealthy distiller executive working under W.A. Gaines and Company. The mansion itself features a colonial revival style, which was popular between 1865 and 1917.

Interesting facts about Frankfort, KY

Frankfort, KY has been the capital of Kentucky since 1792. The land of Frankfurt was once owned by a man by the name of Stephen Frank and it was once called "Franks Ford" however this name was shortened to its now known name, Frankfort.

Location: 700 Louisville Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601.