Johanna & Luke Wedding Album by Knoxville Wedding Photographers Roxy & Jon. For this wedding album, we chose a warm black and white theme to maintain an intimate and timeless feel. We also emphasized focus on the individual stories throughout the wedding day by creating non-cluttered spreads that showcase 3-4 images maximum.

We are Artwork Focused Photographers in Knoxville, TN specializing in preserving your legacy through printed artwork


Wedding photography

Want something creative, unique and different on your wedding day? We feel that Knoxville wedding photography is beginning to look all too similar these days. Your wedding photography should stand out!

Portrait photography

Your family portraits should be printed and proudly displayed for you and your family to enjoy. Your children and grandchildren shouldn't have to enter a password or log onto a device to view family memories.


Quinceañera Fotografía

Tu no eres ordinaria, ¿por qué tu fotografía tiene que ser ordinaria? Nuestro enfoque es proveerte con una experiencia inspirada en fashion y imágenes épicas que no se encuentran en cualquier otro lugar.



Highlighting the fine craftsmanship and designs of your company or designer, we provide unique imagery in a way that allows potential customers to envision the possibilities. 

"Digital images live and die on a hard drive"


We enjoy providing printed artwork to those we work with. We believe photographing a wedding or session and handing you just a USB/CD/Online Gallery is a massive disservice. The reality is those images will live and die on a hard drive, they will become corrupt and unreadable in several years. Printed Artwork is what lasts and is the best way to preserve your memories.


Going through 1000's of images in an online gallery? You deserve better!


We provide you with an amazing experience in person or by Skype, it is called a Premiere Viewing. First you will be able to enjoy a personalized slideshow designed just for you. Next, we will go through each and every image with you, one by one. You will be able to sort them as well. Lastly we will provide you with professional guidance and advice on how best to preserve your memories. We can even show you what a particular frame would look like, even on your very own wall.



Knoxville wedding photographers

We provide wedding photography services to couples in and around the Knoxville area. Knoxville wedding photographers are able to enjoy beautiful photography scenes being so close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Some great venues for wedding photography are Cherokee Country Club, Hunter Valley Farm, Gettysvue Country Club, The Standard, RT Lodge, Coopers Cove at Heritage Park, The Lily Barn and more. Knoxville wedding photographers can also enjoy variety as Knoxville is filled with urban scenes, travel a bit farther out to find some nature and greenery. As a Knoxville wedding photographer, we can certainly say Knoxville is full of beauty!



Knoxville Engagement Photographer

In addition to wedding photography, we also provide engagement photography to couples in Knoxville and surrounding areas. We love Knoxville for engagement photography because it provides our couples with a variety of scenes and locations from urban to nature. Some amazing locations for your Knoxville engagement photography are Market Square, downtown Knoxville, Knoxville botanical gardens, and the Knoxville Worlds Fair Park.



Knoxville Bridal Photography

Knoxville bridal photography is the perfect way to have some unique photographs that highlight your wedding dress. This session is separate from your wedding day and is focused more on creative and artistic imagery.


Knoxville Quinceañera Fotografía

We enjoy photographing Knoxville Quinceañeras and Knoxville XV años. Knoxville Quinceñera photographers have many options when it comes to locations and creative images. 


Knoxville Family Photographer

We enjoy providing artwork to our Knoxville families. We believe family photography is vital when it comes to memories. The growth of a family can only be depicted through photographs, but not just photographs, but printed photographs. When it comes to choosing a Knoxville family photographer, don't think about now, but 20 years from now and how those memories will be enjoyed.