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​​WelcomeWe are Knoxville Wedding Photographers that are passionate about documenting your wedding day in a storytelling manner and preserving your wedding legacy through printed heirlooms. We have had the opportunity to photograph at beautiful wedding venues such as Cherokee Country Club, Gettysvue Country Club, The Capitol Theatre, The Press Room, Dancing Bear Lodge, Knoxville Botanical Gardens. Crescent Bend and more.To compliment the wedding day, we offer complimentary engagement sessions to all of our brides and grooms to be. The engagement session allows us to build a working relationship before the wedding, so that on your wedding day we will understand what you like and what you don't like. We have photographed a variety of engagement sessions in locations such as The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Downtown Knoxville, iJams Nature Center and more.
Wedding Album Your wedding album is truly your first family heirloom. In this digital age, we understand the importance of printed artwork/ PreservingWedding Album handcrafted in Italy.

Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Photography in Knoxville
We don't believe in adhering to the current trends of wedding photography. Our style of Romantic & Cinematic Wedding Photography focuses on the romance of your wedding day with a fashion forward storytelling approach. Yes we will pose you, but in a way that looks natural. Yes we will use lighting, but in a way that flatters you. Yes we will steal you away for a few minutes during your wedding reception, but only so you can enjoy jaw dropping images of you both for a lifetime. Great moments + great skills = amazing photographs. We truly believe that to create an impactful photograph in this day and age it is 25% moment, 25% emotion, 25% skill and 25% production. The last 25% of production is the enhancement and beautification of your photographs. Utilizing timeless techniques from the painters that came before us brings out the emotion and beauty of a wedding photograph.

We do not use presets or retouch to match a trend. The reality is that many of these "trends" actually result in less than favorable photographs. The popular "bright & airy" style blows out detail in the sky and most importantly your wedding dress. If you spent $3000+ dollars on your wedding dress, it deserves to be shown in the best light, pun intended. The "Dark & Moody" style achieves its look by crushing the blacks and boosting contrast, this results in lost details in the shadows. Another trend is "Natural Light Wedding Photographer". While natural light is absolutely gorgeous when available and from the proper direction, what happens when there is no "natural light" such as during your reception? Many wedding photographers that brand themselves as "natural light wedding photographers" don't have a solid understanding on how to use flash. Make sure that the wedding photographer that you are interested in has a solid understanding and examples of lighting in dark locations, such as your wedding reception.